Is WV really a ‘red’ state?

In 2016, WV was solidly behind Donald Trump, who won 68.5% of the vote. But Jim Justice, our current governor, ran as a Democrat and won (even though he almost immediately switched his party affiliation). We have one Republican U.S. Senator (Shelly Moore Capito — up for reelection this year!!) and one Democratic U.S. Senator (Joe Manchin). All of our House of Representative members are Republicans (David McKinley, Alex Mooney — representative for Hampshire County, and Carol Miller — and all are up for reelection).

More locally, our state legislature is split, and definitely favors Republicans. Representing 17 senatorial districts, the Senate is comprised of 34 members – 14 Democrats and 20 Republicans. Additionally, the House of Delegates is composed of 100 members, 41 Democrats, 58 Republicans, and 1 Independent, from 67 delegate districts throughout the state.

But registered voters tell a different story:

There are actually more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in WV, though the number of Democrats is definitely declining (and the number of voters registered with other party affiliations is NOT increasing ?!?).

So… step one: make sure you are registered to vote, and if you aren’t, register online (you have until October 13th). Then vote! Vote as if your life depended on it (it does!!), and make sure everyone you know knows to check their registration status, and knows how to vote in this election. There simply is no excuse not to vote. NOT VOTING is NEVER in your best interest!

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