Voting: you can change your mind on how.

In light of Trump’s comment on “throw[ing] out the (mail-in?) ballots”, if you applied to vote absentee, you may be wondering if you’ve made a mistake. The good news is, if you haven’t actually submitted your absentee ballot, yet, then you can vote in person, instead.

On Senator Manchin’s voter information page, he explains:

Any person who has applied for and received an absent voter’s ballot but has not voted and returned it may vote in person at the polls on Election Day provided he or she returns the absent voter’s ballot to the election commissioners at the polling place. The absentee ballot will be destroyed in front of the voter.

The Hampshire County clerk’s office has just confirmed that the same rules apply for early voting. Just don’t try to vote both ways!! And if you do choose to vote by mail, don’t wait until the last minute. And if you can, drop off the ballot at the county clerk’s office in the Romney courthouse.

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