Board of Education Candidates — vote May 10th

On March 14th, the Democratic Club held a forum where 6 of the 7 candidates running for Board of Education spoke (Johnny Duncan could not attend due to familial responsibilities). In a nutshell, these candidates are very different, and they have differing viewpoints on a wide variety of issues. You need to do your research before voting for 3 of them May 10th (you are voting, right?).

If you weren’t able to attend the forum on 3/14, there is an article in the 3/16 edition of the Hampshire Review on what was discussed. Otherwise, feel free to contact the Hampshire County Democratic Club (at: for a summary of what was discussed. The 7 candidates are:

  • Johnny Duncan (not in attendance)
  • Kathy Jeffreys (only one of Kathy Jeffreys or Ed Morgan can win)
  • Corena Landis-Mongold
  • Ed Morgan (current board V.P.; only one of Kathy Jeffreys or Ed Morgan can win)
  • Clarke Morgret
  • Kim Poland
  • Jeff Stambler

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