4 ballot measures and a Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress

Are you thinking the election is over with the primary, and we Democrats didn’t get a say? Think again! For one thing, there’s an alternative to Alex Mooney on the ballot. Barry Wendell has stepped forward to run against him! With Roe v. Wade demolished, and the WV legislature in “we aren’t interested in our constituents’ viewpoints” mode, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We need Barry in Congress! And that alone is reason to vote.

There are 4 ballot measures on the ballot, as well, and none of them are good (see here for an explanation). All of them would give the heavily Republican legislature more power, and more reasons to ignore their constituency. And all of them would have major impacts to our county if they passed.

Make your voice heard! Vote Nov. 8th (or earlier). Don’t let apathy win.

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