Legislative Voting Record

There is, at this time (2021), a disconnect between the opinions of voters on certain bills, and the way some (primarily Republican) legislators are voting. On this page, we will attempt to keep you up-to-date on some of the more interesting pieces of legislation of 2021 and beyond, as well as the votes of your local representatives. Where more than one version has passed a chamber, the tally will be listed only for the final version. State, as well as federal legislation will be included.

Bill descriptionAlex MooneyShelly Moore CapitoJoe ManchinStatus
HR1319 American Relief Plan Act: $1400 direct payments,
extended unemployment benefits, funds for vaccine roll out, help for small businesses, etc.
Nay NayYayPassed
HR1 For the People Act: voting rights bill, including automatic voter registration of verified U.S. citizens (and preregistration for 16 and 17 year-olds), the limiting of partisan gerrymandering, reduction of influence of money in politics, etc.NayNayYay(to end debate)Failed by filibuster
HR5 Equality Act:NayIn the Senate
Bill to form a 9/11 style commission to study the Jan. 6th insurrectionNayNayYayThis was blocked by filibuster in the Senate, though it passed in the House
S53 Raise the Wage Act of 2021Introduced in Senate
HRes 67 – Expressing the moral responsibility of the congress to end adult & child poverty in the U.S.Introduced in House
HR1558 – Child Poverty Reduction Act of 2021 (House)Introduced in House
S643 – Child Poverty Reduction Act of 2021 (Senate)Introduced in Senate
HR1976 – Medicare for All Act of 2021Introduced in House
HR3684 – Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ActYayYayPassed in Senate (needs to go back to House)
Federal Legislation
Bill descriptionRuth RowanGeorge MillerCraig BlairCharles TrumpStatus
SB11: declares work stoppage and strikes by public employees, including school teachers, to be illegalNayNayYayYaySigned
HB2012: Related to Public Charter Schools (ups the pilot number from 3 to 10 until July 2023).NayNayNayYaySigned
SB277: creates the COVID-19 Jobs Protection Act, which provides immunity from civil liability for damages for an injury resulting from exposure to COVID-19 on the premises owned or managed by another person.YayYayYayYaySigned
HB2363: “Best Interest of the Child Protection Act of 2021,” establishes initial custody arrangements to be 50/50 between the parents. To change the 50/50 split, one parent must prove the other parent to be incompetent, neglectful, or abusive.YayYayYayYayto governor
HB2598: Altering the definition of an above ground storage tank (See additional information here.)Yay YayIn the Senate Judiciary committee
SB4: Creates the Intermediate Court of Appeals sponsorto Judiciary
SB40: Ensures insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions at the rate of the general populace. In Banking and Insurance committee
SB74: Puts restrictions on abortionsIn Senate HHR committee
SB87: Makes abortion a felony except for in cases of medical necessity (in committee)In Senate HHR committee
HB3300: Incrementally reduces state income tax until eliminated. (back in house committee) Here is the Personal Income Tax Study conducted by WV legislature.NayNayYayYayBack in house finance committee
HB2982: Anti-abortion bill that includes dangerous, false information about the possibility of reversing a chemical abortion. YayYayYayYay
SB600: Senate’s version of the personal income tax reduction proposal sponsorSenate finance committee
HB3293: Forces transgender youths wishing to participate in a single-sex sport to do so based on their gender identity at birthYay YayYayYay
SB275: Creates the Intermediate Court of Appeals (Appellate reorganization act)YayNayYayYaySigned
HB3310: Ensures that individualized solar installations are not public utilitiesYayYayYayYaySigned
State Legislation

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