Legislative Voting Record

There is, at this time (2021), a disconnect between the opinions of voters on certain bills, and the way some (primarily Republican) legislators are voting. On this page, we will attempt to keep you up-to-date on some of the more interesting pieces of legislation of 2021 and beyond, as well as the votes of your local representatives. Where more than one version has passed a chamber, the tally will be listed only for the final version. State, as well as federal legislation will be included.

Bill descriptionAlex MooneyShelly Moore CapitoJoe ManchinStatus
HR1319 American Relief Plan Act: $1400 direct payments,
extended unemployment benefits, funds for vaccine roll out, help for small businesses, etc.
Nay NayYayPassed
HR1 For the People Act: voting rights bill, including automatic voter registration of verified U.S. citizens (and preregistration for 16 and 17 year-olds), the limiting of partisan gerrymandering, reduction of influence of money in politics, etc.NayIn the Senate
HR5 Equality Act:NayIn the Senate
Federal Legislation
Bill descriptionRuth RowanGeorge MillerCraig BlairCharles TrumpStatus
SB11: declares work stoppage and strikes by public employees, including school teachers, to be illegalNayNayYayYaySigned
HB2012: Related to Public Charter Schools (ups the pilot number from 3 to 10 until July 2023).NayNayNayYaySigned
SB277: creates the COVID-19 Jobs Protection Act, which provides immunity from civil liability for damages for an injury resulting from exposure to COVID-19 on the premises owned or managed by another person.YayYayYayYaySigned
HB2363: “Best Interest of the Child Protection Act of 2021,” establishes initial custody arrangements to be 50/50 between the parents. To change the 50/50 split, one parent must prove the other parent to be incompetent, neglectful, or abusive.YayYayIn the Senate
HB2598: Altering the definition of an above ground storage tank (See additional information here.)Yay YayIn the Senate
SB4: Creates the Intermediate Court of Appeals sponsorto Judiciary
SB40: Ensures insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions at the rate of the general populace. (in committee)In Banking and Insurance committee
SB74: Puts restrictions on abortions (in committee)In HHR
SB87: Makes abortion a felony except for in cases of medical necessity (in committee)In HHR committe
HB3300: Incrementally reduces state income tax until eliminated. (back in house committee) Here is the Personal Income Tax Study conducted by WV legislature.NayNayYayYayBack in house committee
HB2982: Anti-abortion bill that includes dangerous, false information about the possibility of reversing a chemical abortion. (in HHR Senate committee)
SB600: Senate’s version of the personal income tax reduction proposal (in Senate Finance committee)sponsor
HB3293: Forces transgender youths wishing to participate in a single-sex sport to do so based on their gender identity at birthYay YayYayYay
SB275: Creates the Intermediate Court of Appeals (Appellate reorganization act)YayNayYayYaySigned
State Legislation

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