Democrats Stand For

 Defending America.  We are unwavering in our committment to keep our nation safe, both home and abroad.
   Education.    We want to provide every child with world class education, with the  proper resources and expanded opportunities - like West Virginia'a   Promise Scholarships - to advance their learning. 
   Military Strength.  We will not send our troops abroad without the equipment   and training they need and will keep our nation's promises to our veterans.
   Opportunity.  We are committed to expanding   economic opportunity to all Americans and creating the new jobs of the future.
   Civil Liberties and Human Rights.  We believe   strongly in protecting the fundamental freedoms and values for all that make America great.
   Responsibility.  We are committed   to open, honest and ethical government;  to reforming our nation's voting system to guarantee that every vote counts;  and   to protecting America's natural resources and environment.
   Affordable Health Care.  We want to make sure that every single   American has access to affordable, effective health coverage.  
   Tax Fairness and Fiscal Responsibility.   We oppose   shifting the tax burden onto middle class families by cutting taxes  for the very wealthiest Americans, and protest the huge burden   placed on future generations by borrowing hundreds of billions of  dollars from foreign nations today.
   Social Security.    Our commitment to save and protect Social Security is absolute.

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