Encourage your fellow Democrats to vote!

Feeling overwhelmed, as in outnumbered? Consider… while this state will almost certainly swing red at the top of the ticket, it may not further down. In this county, I’ve noticed a strong showing of Charlie B. Johnson III signs (Democrat running for prosecuting attorney). In my mind, this is code for “I’m open to supporting other than Republican candidates, at least in some races.” That’s encouraging to me, and maybe to you, too? If you want to join in, how about putting up a yard sign! It doesn’t have to be the top of the ticket (though I *really* like seeing Biden/Harris signs, few and far between though they may be). Something for Paula Jean Swearengin, Cathy Kunkel, or even Mary Ann Claytor (auditor) says something to those in the know.

Down at the Democrat HQ in Romney (next to the court house), we’ve got signs for all of the Democratic Candidates. The HQ is open 12-5 M,W,F, and we’ll be open Sat. the 31st, too, from 12-3. You can also contact us to have someone meet you there. We’ve also got buttons, and even a few bumper stickers.

Braver on the phone? We still need people to phone bank. We’ve got the names, if you’ve got the time. Again, contact us and we’ll get you set up.

This election is all about turning out the vote. Any way you can help will make a difference. And even a win in a local race could help the Democratic cause in the future. We’re fighting for the ACA, climate change amelioration, preservation of social security, medicare and medicaid, equal justice for all, and many more issues of dire importance. We need to go all out!

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